Journey to the Mizrah Curriculum

The Journey to the Mizrah curriculum was created for formal and informal Jewish education institutions utilizing traditional Sephardic pedagogy, which creates space for every single student regardless of background, identity or experience. Designed and written for middle schools, but easily adapted for high schools, the Journey to the Mizrah curriculum includes twelve lesson plans that incorporate text study, discussion and  immersive Sephardic and Mizrahi activities such as Mimouna, Piyutim, Henna, and storytelling.

By providing guidance and insight to help students examine and embrace their historical and contemporary place in an ever-changing world, our hope is to provide students with a compelling answer to the fundamental question of “Why by Jewish?” We are proud to launch a curriculum that introduces students and educators to Sephardic and Mizrahi heritage and modalities by engaging them in the vibrant Jewish values and practices of tolerance, inclusivity, acceptance, and open-hearted communal participation, which are core components of Sephardic and Mizrahi heritage. These values provide a relevant lens for students to learn and explore contemporary issues covered in this curriculum such as refugee issues, Arab-Jewish relations, Jewish diversity, bullying, human rights, and acculturation.

Such is the Torah, each and every person makes sense of it in keeping with his or her understanding, and sees its image in it. Each soul will interpret Torah in keeping with the interpretation it received, and will find that particular interpretation in Torah, just like a mirror that reflects the shapes of all people, despite that they each have different shapes.” – Hacham Avraham Azulai. Fez, Morocco, 1590

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